Sorry France, You’re Doing Worse Than Sweden

Johnz Thomaz


Back on May 17, France 24 reported, “Sweden’s Covid-19 strategy has caused an ‘amplification of the epidemic.’” Back then, France was not in the top 20 countries for COVID death rates. Sweden was in the top 10. Things were looking bleak for Sweden.
But, Sweden was preparing for a long strategy, while France was playing a ridiculous game of “flattening the curve forever.” Sweden kept schools open for anyone under 15. Sweden kept most bars and restaurants open. For young people in Sweden, life went on largely as normal. (Even mask wearing was at a minimum in Sweden.)
Sweden did fail in one area. They didn’t protect their nursing homes. They followed a disastrous policy, similar to the policy of governors in states like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, which led to an extremely high death rate in nursing homes. They have since corrected that.
While Sweden was allowing life to proceed as normal for the young, and developing an immunity in their general population, France had everything locked down. Finally, when people began returning to life as normal in France, after many months of being completely locked down, the virus made a return as well.
Sweden’s strategy is working. Their death rate is falling, relative to other European countries. France’s strategy failed. Their death rate is rising, relative to other European countries. And now, France has a higher death rate and infection rate than Sweden does.
So much for France 24’s prediction that Sweden’s strategy was causing an “amplification of the epidemic.”

3 thoughts on “Sorry France, You’re Doing Worse Than Sweden

  1. It seems like a lot of countries/people were being unnecessarily judgey when no one had enough understanding to be that way. Go Sweden and reason!

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