The Critical Race Theory Religion

A friend once asked me if I thought that white people who follow critical race theory really do believe that all white people, including themselves, are racist. I assured him that they are being completely honest when they insist that all white people are racist. They do include themselves in this estimation.

Critical race theory is a religion modeled after Christianity. In their religion, racism is the original sin. As an original sin, it is inherited at birth, and influences everything you do. So, you are guilty by both nature and choice.

As a religion, there are rituals that must be pursued to cleanse oneself of this original sin. The baptism, or conversion moment in this religion is acknowledging your own racism. And to be a true believer, you must believe that you are indeed a racist.

But, unlike Christianity, this religion is ritualistic. Your initial conversion does not provide you with righteousness. Like most other religions, your righteousness must be earned. The common way to earn righteousness in most religions is through sacrifice. The Critical Race Theory sacrificial system is like the First Temple Jewish sacrificial system. You must provide an offering. The public must recognize that an offering is taking place. And that offering must be destroyed.

So far, the offerings that have been devoted for sacrifice have been things like historical monuments, logos and spokespeople, and works of art, such as “Gone with the Wind.” However, there is no ultimate atonement in this system, so more and more sacrifices will be demanded. Therefore, you will hear more adamant presses for things like reparations. And when those still do not satisfy the feelings of guilt, eventually there will be demands for blood.

Just as the sacrifices never ended in the First Temple Jewish system, so too will the sacrifices never end in this new religion.

Why Did This Religion Arise?

Humans are religious creatures. Original sin is real. It might not be racism, but it is nevertheless a real feeling of guilt that people have. People feel like they must somehow atone for that short coming. Therefore, religions all over the world have some sort of sacrifices. Whether it be food sacrifices offered to ancestor gods in Shintoism, self-sacrificial acts of Buddhism, or human sacrifice of the Aztecs, it is in human nature to recognize that we have fallen short of the glory of God. If it were simply a cultural belief, this need for sacrifice would not transcend borders, mountains, and oceans.

However, modern secularists abandoned religion. This left them with no outlet to atone for their feelings of guilt. So, they have done what so many have done in the past, and created a new religion.

Ending of Sacrificial Systems

There is indeed an element of truth in what the Critical Race Theorists believe. We are indeed all sinners. We do all fall short of the Glory of God. We do lack something in our life. And our fallen nature demands sacrifice. However, the sacrifice of corporate symbols or historical monuments will never be enough to take away that guilt.  For that matter, neither could the sacrifice of animals. Our sin is far too great. Rather than continue in a world where people were continuously offering sacrifices that could never atone for their sins, the God of the Universe sent His own Son, who lived a perfect, sinless life (so he did not need to sacrifice for His own sin) to die on a cross. Because he was not sacrificing for His own sin, He could sacrifice for others. As He breathed His final breath on the Cross, He cried out, “It is finished!” The sacrificial system ended. Man did not need sacrifices to come to God anymore. The ultimate sacrifice had been made. And, on the third day, He proved that His sacrifice was acceptable, by rising from the grave, so that whoever believes in Him shall never die. So, there is no need to offer sacrifice to atone for sins. It has been done. It is finished.

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